Change Is In The Air!

Change Is In The Air!

Hi, creepies! I’m about to shake things up around here. I started Blythe’s Reverie as a fashion blog primarily to promote companies I’m affiliated with. I should have known better, and I quickly felt dragged down. But, I still want to write a blog that gives back to me, so I’m not done with the affiliate links. I just need more freedom to make this blog the magical place I envisioned.

So, I will no longer be focusing primarily on fashion. I love alt fashion and if you came here for that, don’t worry— it will still be here! But I want a more holistic approach. So, there will be more! More of the things that I really love and want to nerd out on. I decided to write the blog I wanted to read, and not the one that would appeal to companies. I’ll promote what I like and it won’t feel like that’s the whole point, just a piece of the whole picture.

A Big Move

I’m moving to Ireland!

I’m beside myself with excitement, and much of the last month has been preparing for this giant leap. That’s part of why I haven’t even attempted to write. But, I WANT to write about this! I have so many ideas that wouldn’t fit under the scope of this blog as I originally intended it to have. So, I hope to share some aspects of my new life and some of my travels.

A lilac-haired elf-eared Blythe doll dressed in lilac fairy clothes sits on a twig bench covered in flowers.
By Jenna Anderson –, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Blythe’s Reverie Has a Mascot

Remember this post where I talked about creepy dolls and my desire need for a Blythe Doll? I said if I won the contest, the doll would be the official mascot for this blog. Well, I didn’t win the custom doll, but I did win a gift certificate from This Is Blythe! And it was enough to cover the cost of a Petite Blythe Doll!! So Blythe’s Reverie has its very own Blythe Doll! I’m excited to be sharing her adventures. Thank you to everyone who helped me win the contest. 💜💜💜 I can’t wait to reveal her!

A Dreamy Future

I hope you join me while this blog develops and becomes something fun, magical, inspiring, and fantastical. Because life is hard and sometimes we need some whimsy to get by. I’ll be working hard to make this the space I envision.

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