This Is Blythe Reviews – Introducing Bitty Blythe!

This Is Blythe Reviews – Introducing Bitty Blythe!

Meet Our Mascot!

Hello, lovely creepies! Remember when I said I was getting a Petite Blythe Doll from This Is Blythe? Well, I ended up with a Middie Doll! Meet Bitty Blythe!

Silver-haired and grey-eyed Middie Blythe doll sitting in a chair in front of a table with sweets. She is waving at the camera and has a striped shirt, denim mini skirt, and grey sneakers.
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Bitty Blythe is a custom Middie doll from This Is Blythe, my favorite retailer of Blythe Dolls. She is the Scarlett Custom Middie doll, which is a very cute name for her. But, the name of the blog is Blythe’s Reverie, and I’m a Blythe, so she’s Bitty Blythe!

At some point, I would love to get a larger doll, the Neo Blythe, but I couldn’t be more thrilled with Bitty. Especially since she arrived in the U.S. quickly and just in time for me to move to Ireland, and she is much more travel-friendly. We’ve already been on a few adventures, and I can’t wait for you to see what she’s up to! Bitty Blythe is perfect. She is SO stinking adorable but still has the sassiness of the bigger dolls. Her hair is silky soft, and her wardrobe is already cuter than mine. Bitty Blythe is going to be spoiled in the name of blogging!

Moving to Ireland

Bitty Blythe and I packed up some suitcases (she has a She-Ra lunchbox for all her things) and headed to the airport for the beginning of our big adventure! Here she is waiting patiently at the gate and sitting on her suitcase. She is, in fact, very small and it made a perfect booster seat. She is all dressed up in a cute traveling outfit and looks comfy and stylish!

Bitty has walked all over the airport trying to find a coffee and needs a minute to rest and charge her phone.

Bitty and I can’t wait to show you her adventures in Ireland— and other places! Check back for some adventures in Dublin. They will be posted next week, and I will update this post with a link once it’s up!

Some facts about Bitty

Bitty loves She-Ra and Sailor Moon. Who doesn’t?

Her favorite colors are purple and blue.

Bitty may or may not be fae. She isn’t telling.

Bitty loves to climb trees.

Bitty loves tide pools and all the creatures found in them.

This Is Blythe Review: I’m kind of obsessed

In my professional opinion, the Middie doll is the best for creative projects, particularly ones that require travel. Bitty is small enough to fit in a lunchbox-sized case for protective storage while traveling. I can pack Bitty, my photo gear, and everything I need for a day’s adventure in a backpack and head out to the city, seaside, or forests. She isn’t as difficult to pose as I thought she might be, given that she is top-heavy. I have been able to take some great standing shots without using a doll stand, but will probably get one for future projects.

Also, there are lots of clothing selections for her, but not as many as for the Neo Blythe. This is not a problem for me, because I’m already making her clothes! So, if you’re into crafting, this is a very fun doll to create things for.

I’m so excited to take Bitty Blythe out into the world and see it from new, fun perspectives! Also, doll clothes are just as much fun as people clothes, and Bitty and I will still be having fun with fashion.

I would recommend This Is Blythe purely on their amazing customer service, but they also have fast shipping and lots and lots of ways to customize your dolls. So, if you have a Blythe doll, let me know so Bitty can make some friends!

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