Building a Witchy Wardrobe: Must-Have Essentials

Building a Witchy Wardrobe: Must-Have Essentials

Whether you identify as a hippie witch, dark witch, cottage witch, or whimsy witch, a few key pieces are essential for your wardrobe. Stock up on these witchy fashion basics to create enchanting looks.

Where to Find:

As always, if you can make it or thrift it, that’s always my first choice. Especially with a witchy look, that “homemade” quality really makes it unique. However, if you’re wanting to buy a few things, below are some of my favorites. Most of these are affiliate links, so if you click them and end up buying something, it helps this blog! Help a witch out! 😉

Black Dresses: Long black dresses are a foundational piece for any witchy wardrobe. Look for cotton or lace maxi dresses, slip dresses, or peasant dresses in black. Pair them with combat boots, Mary-Janes, or Creepers for a goth witch style or floral prints and sandals for a garden witch look. Although long dresses are staple pieces, short dresses work just as well! It’s up tp your preference. Also, colors are fine. I like jewel tones and earth tones, depending on my mood.

Lace Maxi Dress

Cloaks and Capes: For a basic wardrobe starter, I wouldn’t say a full cape is necessary unless you’re going for a more costume look. But things like capelets, big hoods, and flowy coats and jackets are things that can easily be witchy while also being a little more practical for every day wear. 

Chunky Cardigans: Oversize cardigans made from thick, textured yarns create a cozy witchy layer for your outfit. Can you knit or crochet? There are so many free tutorials and great patterns, and also very inexpensive patterns available. 

Mystical Jewelry and Accessories: The most cliché thing here is pentacle jewelry. If a pentacle is part of your spiritual practice in some way, then yes, wear it. I have several. If a different symbol represents your magical nature, however you express that, then wear it! But keep in mind that symbols like this have very strong meanings for some people. Don’t take a symbol because you think it looks cool without understanding it. You can be edgy without being appropriative. Some other witchy-vibes choices are celestial objects, nature-themed pieces, or whatever special interest you have. 

Silver Pentagram Ring

Celestial Chain Belts

Skirts: Long skirts are a witch’s best friend. Maxi skirts, peasant skirts in patchwork prints, lace skirts or velvet skirts all convey a witchy spirit. I wrote a post about how versatile a peasant skirt is here. Pair them with crop tops, peasant blouses, or sweaters, and belt them over your natural waist for an enchanting silhouette. If you like corsets, this is my favorite way to wear one. 

Jeans or pants: Maybe you don’t wear skirts. Maybe they’re impractical for work. There are so many ways to wear normal pants and fit them into a witchy aesthetic. After all, witches are practical. Sew some patches on a pair of jeans, or take some ripped jeans and pair them with fishnets worn underneath for an edgy effect. This works for shorts too in hot climates! Pair them with a corset or chain belt for a little extra.  

With these witchy fashion basics in your closet, you’ll have everything you need to craft enchanting outfits. Whether you’re going for the sweet, light witch, or the Scary Thing in the Dark, these staple pieces are enough to transform a wardrobe to suit your unique style.

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