Peasant Skirt: Endless Style Possibilities

Peasant Skirt: Endless Style Possibilities

A peasant skirt is a closet staple that can be styled in so many different ways. Its loose, flowy cut and lightweight, breathable fabric make it perfect for a variety of alternative fashion aesthetics. It can go from sweet and pretty to dark and sultry, depending on your mood and how you style it. Here are some ideas for styling a peasant skirt for different looks.


Pair a black lace or cotton peasant skirt with a dark corset or cropped bustier top. Add mesh or fishnet stockings, combat boots, and silver jewelry for a goth-inspired look. Dark makeup and nails complete the outfit. 


Style a peasant skirt with a linen peasant blouse or crocheted halter top. Add a wide corset belt around your waist along with a pendant necklace with a magical symbol. Finish the look with gladiator sandals or boots. Loose, wavy hair and natural-looking makeup give it a witchy vibe. I love this look because you can go from earthy-witchy to rich jewel tones, or keep it classic and black. 


A floral or checkered peasant skirt pairs perfectly with a ruffled blouse, straw sun hat, and lace-up sandals for a cute cottagecore outfit. Add a basket purse or straw tote bag to carry wildflowers and other treasures found in nature. Fresh-faced makeup and hair in braids complete the fairy tale look.

Cottage core girl on a bicycle in the grass with a pixie hair cut, wearing a long skirt. Cottage core. Peasant skirt. Fairy core.
Cottagecore-style skirt perfect for a bike ride in the country.


An earthy-colored peasant skirt matched with a tunic top or poncho and brown leather belt creates a woodland elf look. Add fringe booties or suede ankle boots, a slouchy hat, and feather earrings. Braided or messy hairstyles and natural, bronzy makeup radiate a wanderlust spirit.

Not feeling the trees? Hike up the skirt, pait with tall boots, and some tattered layered tops and a hat for an easy pirate look that’s perfect for a fair!


Choose a light, airy peasant skirt in a pastel shade and pair it with a sequined or iridescent camisole or crop top. Add ballet flats, a flower crown, and wings if you like. A little glitter or shimmer on your nails, cheeks, and décolletage gives you an ethereal fairy glow.

Take it in a more fairy grunge direction with tattered elements, a plaid flannel shirt, and arm warmers.

Mermaid Core:

Start with a peasant skirt. Layer flowy tops, or a strappy crop top. Bare feet or barefoot sandals are perfect for the beachy feel, but what sets it apart as “mermaid” is the color palette and the accessories. Use a bit of netting as a wrap belt, or add seashells, pearls, and sequins. In my opinion, more is more when it comes to a treasure-collecting mermaid look, but a more minimalist approach is also possible with a shell-colored skirt, a flowy top, and a seashell necklace. A loose, fishtail braid or shell clips, some ocean-colored eyeliner, and you’re set!

Where to Find Peasant Skirts:

I’ve had some luck thrifting peasant skirts, but sometimes, they can be hard to find. They are also not difficult to sew, but not everyone wants to make their own clothes. So, here are a few that I really like *These are affiliate links! Use code BLYTHESREVERIE for 20% off at Scarlet Darkness!:

Cotton Peasant Skirt on Amazon

You can style a peasant skirt in so many ways! Have fun with different tops, accessories, makeup and hairstyles to create looks from darkly romantic to whimsically free-spirited. And if you don’t like skirts, the same feel can be achieved with flowy trousers.

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