It’s Blythe, Witches!

It’s Blythe, Witches!

This blog is under construction. It’s basically naked, and a little shy. Like any of us, it has its flaws and is showing up as best it can, so no Body-(or Blog) Shaming! This is a temporary post while I get things set up in the background.

So, what’s coming? Well, I’m glad you asked. (I know you didn’t really ask and this imaginary dialog is all in my head. Just play along, ok?)

Blythe’s Reverie is an alternative and fantasy-inspired lifestyle and fashion blog. Here be witches, fairies, goths, cottage core cuties, goblins, etc. I will have affiliate links and gift guides, as well as some in-depth musings. I believe in creative expression and the freedom to be who you are as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else. Fashion is a silly part of our lives, but it is meaningful nonetheless.

This space is queer, alternative, and accepts all who engage with kindness and tolerance. Disagreements are ok, disrespect is not. Bullying and hate speech will absolutely not be tolerated.

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